Raising the profile of HSSE
















The brief

Few responses to the question “So what do you do?” have the power to end conversations like “I work in Health and Safety”. But given the importance of HSE, it should not be this way. Changing this ‘dull’ perception was the challenge we faced for BP’s dedicated Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) professionals. Our task was to help the 4,000 strong, internationally based team feel a greater sense of pride in the importance of the team’s role, and to raise its profile internally.

Our solution

Often, the way we say things is as important as what we say. To begin changing perceptions of Health and Safety, we developed an ‘elevator pitch’ concept. We filmed eight HSSE team members from multiple angles in an elevator. As each person moved between floors, we asked them to explain – in just two minutes – why their role was important.

The edited film was shown at a global BP conference in London where HSSE leaders presented their work to other senior managers. A new sub-brand system we’d specifically created for the HSSE team was also launched at the conference. The dots on our fresh, flexible, matrix design merged to symbolize people connecting – an important message for a team that is spread across the globe. Conference attendees were also given a special take-away booklet. Containing gritty interview images, quotes from the film and strategic HSSE information, this credit card-sized document could easily be slipped into a pocket. It felt like an exclusive club membership card, giving the team a special identity.

Following the conference we supported the roll out of a series of regional workshops that encouraged a dialogue between HSSE representatives and their colleagues. The workshops were run as a series of HSSE “panel shows” with specially designed invites, sets, question sheets and even giveaway t-shirts. Creating something that was memorable, inspirational and which every team member wanted to be part of and engage with.

The result

They were impressive. The workshops were very well attended and provided a platform that had impact and inspired HSSE employees. The post project feedback received was that the campaign had injected new life into the function, raised the teams profile and brought employees together with a renewed sense of shared purpose to drive the business forward.