Creating waves with a striking new brand

The brief

Acergy (now part of Subsea 7) was a leader in oil and gas extraction facilities. The company came about following a demerger from Stolt Offshore; a strategic move that created a need for a new brand and communication strategy.

For any organisation, managing change is always difficult. It was our job to support the business through this transition by creating a strong communication solution. Part of this involved creating a new brand identity that its key stakeholders could really connect with and demonstrated the business' new direction.

Our solution

Similar to any brand journey we embark upon, we began by understanding the business: its values, vision, operations and (most importantly) its people. Armed with this information and our experience in the sector, we formulated a new brand name and identity that was not only dramatic but had personality too. And so, Acergy was born.

The result

We created a new brand that was as distinctive and impressive as the business itself. What’s more, our solution was something that employees felt proud of and that the business's stakeholders could engage with: proving that sometimes change can be for the better.