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20 November 2012

Corporate Sustainability Reporting: Current practice and trends

The natural resources sector has always been at the forefront of reporting on environmental, social and governance issues.  This report reviews social reporting among 12 companies in the mining and oil and gas sectors and aims to highlight trends and developments in social reporting and provide examples of good practice. 

05 November 2012

Job satisfaction - the essence of employee engagement

Job satisfaction in the UK is higher than ever before, although we still have some way to go before we match the levels of job satisfaction that exist in the rest of Europe. In this article we take a look at the working culture of our European compatriots to see if we could learn anything from them.

01 November 2012

What return can video offer a business?


Whilst video may be a viable communication tool, the question still remains about what return it can actually offer a business.

In the third and final video of our series, we ask the digital experts what returns video really offers.

30 October 2012

What ingredients make a good business video?

Video is fast becoming one of the most effective platforms for sharing an idea, spreading a message, inspiring an audience and reaching (potentially) thousands in an instant.

But a video is only powerful and effective when it possesses the right ingredients - ingredients that need time and consideration, and that are aligned to a communication strategy.

In the second video within our series, we ask our own and other digital experts what it takes to make a great business video that'll not only impress, but deliver real results.


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