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01 December 2011

Employee engagement means everyone

Have you ever caught a glimpse behind the scenes mid-way through a restaurant meal and regretted your choice of venue? If you enjoy eating out, it’s a moment you’ll probably have experienced. The swing doors to the kitchen part for a few seconds: just long enough to confirm your best or worst impressions. Does the calm, clean and orderly environment that you have experienced front of house carry through back stage?  Or is it a scene straight out of ‘Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares,’ complete with stressed chefs, colourful language and rubbish-strewn work surfaces?

21 October 2011

Webinar: Enhancing a corporate website

Our latest webinar on how to enhance a corporate website, offering insight on what the key ingredients are to improve a company's online presence and create dialogue with visitors.

27 September 2011

A new addition to the communication mix

Digital media is no longer a channel that is only used by the techies among us – whether it’s watching video on a hand held device, tablet, laptop, at a shopping centre, in the back of a taxi or on the underground waiting for a train. Digital media is now a viable communication tool that’s gone main stream. 

23 August 2011

Print in the world of corporate communications

As is the case with any industry, debate subsists around ‘the best’ approach to fulfil a customer’s need. It is after all the very nature of a competitive business environment. This healthy debate was as ever true in our recent print series – a platform for industry specialists to discuss the world of print in all its many forms.


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