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13 July 2011 - Translating a brand in annual reports

13 July 2011 - Translating a brand in annual reports

Annual reports are often seen as daunting projects even for seasoned professionals. So having to translate the company's brand attributes, into what is essentially a financial document targeted at investors and analysts can sometimes feel like a challenge. I've spent quite some time looking through a host of annual reports, from both UK household-names and top global players, reviewing the case for ‘do annual reports translate the company brand well’.

17 June 2011 - Trends in presenting annual reports online

17 June 2011 - Trends in presenting annual reports online

There is still no consensus on how to name the different ways of presenting Annual Reports online.

Nexxar, an online report specialist has recently conducted research on the latest trends for how some of the biggest players are presenting Annual Reports online.

16 June 2011 - To think that everything you do today. Tomorrow is obsolete…

Whenever I hear the phrase ‘in the olden days’ it brings to mind a time long ago, when the world was thought to be flat or when the only car on the road was a model T-Ford that came in ‘any colour you want as long as it is black’. In digital technology terms that phrase could refer to ten years ago, or even ten months, so dramatic and constant are the changes to our industry and the world, as we know it. No matter how quickly things move, I still can’t get away from the fact that technology is merely a tool.

27 May 2011 - Printing series 2: Is digital printing the way forward?

“Everything that can go digital, will go digital and print is no exception”. A famous statement made by Benny Landa, the inventor of digital offset printing and founder of Indigo who are now owned by HP. Many consider Benny to be the father of modern day digital printing and when you consider that he formed Indigo back in 1977, it’s clear to see that he was quite the visionary.

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