12 September 2013 - How to create an innovative culture

12 September 2013 - How to create an innovative culture

As featured recently on Rachel Miller's esteemed blog 'All things IC', BergHind Joseph's CEO, Ian Brownhill writes about why innovation is a critical factor to business success and why internal communication and the right culture are key for a business to be truly innovative. His feature was inspired by the recent release of 2013 Global Players 'The Innovation Nation'.

16 July 2013 – ‘To do’: become a great leader

16 July 2013 – ‘To do’: become a great leader

Our recently released book ‘The Future Front’ talks of the number of changes that we can expect to see within business and for communication in the future. It presents a story with many twists and turns and uncovers many revelations. But no matter what the future holds, one thing that remains constant is leadership, and the need for it in the workplace.

31 January 2013 - National Storytelling Week 2013

Corporate storytelling was the focus for BergHind Joseph’s 2012 Global Players study , and with it being National Storytelling week it only seems right for BergHind Joseph to tell a few stories of its own. 

23 January 2013 - The Results: International Photographic Competition

On August 1st 2012 the International Photographic Competition 2012 supported by BergHind Joseph was opened.  The theme of the competition was ‘leadership in the modern world’; a theme that was chosen to encourage creative and innovative thinking around how we perceive leadership and where it exists today.  Each entry had to be supported with an explanation of no more than 50 words of how the image fit the theme.

4 January 2013 - Leaders that inspire the BergHind Joseph team


With the closing date to the International Photographic Competition fast approaching, the BergHind Joseph team share some of their favourite and most inspiring Leaders.  The theme was leadership in the modern world and being a creative design and communications agency there are a number of people who have helped to inspire us…

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