23 December 2012 - The Great British Make-Off: Caribbean Rum Punch

For our final installment of the "How to make instructions" we have a something that will definitely put you in the festive mood! Enjoy!

17 December 2012 - BergHind Joseph Christmas Party

This year for the BergHind Joseph Christmas Party the team headed down to The Gun, a gastro pub in the Docklands.  We had a lot of fun but as they say a picture speaks a thousand words so take a look at the collage below to see just how much fun!

12 December 2012 - The Great British Make-Off: Christmas Fairy

If you are looking for a Christmas decoration that is versatile enough to hang on the tree or sit at the top of the tree, we've got just what you need!

7 December 2012 - The Great British Make-Off: Christmas Gingerbread Treats

For our next 'How to make' instructions we have some edible treats for you; it's not often that you get to eat something so beautiful...!

6 December 2012 - The Great British Make-Off: Felt Heart Decoration

This year we decided to bring some festive cheer to the BergHind Joseph studio via The Great British Make- Off; an activity that involved the whole team by challenging them to make their own decorations for this year’s Christmas tree.  

Over the next few weeks we will be sharing instructions on how to make some of our wonderful creations! Have fun making!

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