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Effectively engaging with the “unconnected” employees

Effectively engaging with the “unconnected” employees

In this increasingly connected world the fact that many companies have large numbers of employees whose job roles mean that they do not have regular access to work computers (or unconnected employees) can pose particular issues when trying to make them feel like part of the business.

BergHind Joseph rewarded sweetly at the B2B Marketing Awards

BergHind Joseph rewarded sweetly at the B2B Marketing Awards

BergHind Joseph’s work with Tate & Lyle Plc. was highly commended at the prestigious B2B Marketing Awards 2013.

Our work with Tate & Lyle on the Tate & Lyle Values project was crowned runner up for Best Internal Audience Campaign 2013. On Thursday the 21st November, we saw off some tough competition in a category with over 400 entries

9 October 2013 - Collective employee commitment accelerates performance

Brands no longer win business from their status of mark alone.

Instead, success today is defined by how well a business understands and responds to its customers both en masse and individually. The closer you are to your customers, the better your understanding of their challenges and needs. By developing solutions that are original, unique and solve these challenges, you instantly become an innovative company that is streets ahead of its competitors.

2 September 2013 - How to drive people to action from internal communications

Surveys, discussions, whitepapers and events all point to one core challenge that is synonymous for internal communicators at the moment: how do you get get internal communications heard and get employees to engage with the message they present?

23 August 2013 - How to use video for internal communication

Increasingly organisations want to use video for their internal communications. But all to often we witness people getting caught up in the excitement of creating a video and subsequently falling short of delivering a message that engages and delivers a real return.

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