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July 2011

26 July 2011 - Photography series 2: Rugged terrain

26 July 2011 - Photography series 2: Rugged terrain

This collection of pictures was for a personal project I embarked upon. The location for the shoot which was in and around a Hammer pond in Wealdon woodland in East Sussex.


21 July 2011 - How to think differently inside the hive

21 July 2011 - How to think differently inside the hive

The recent Employee Engagement Networking Event I ran in partnership with BergHind Joseph reflected the growing importance, interest and emphasis placed on employee engagement. The event attracting a number of people, most of whom were members of the over 4100 member Employee Engagement Network - a global network focused on employee engagement.

21 July 2011 - Is there really no such thing as bad publicity?

Unless you have been on some far and distant planet for the past fortnight, you would have had some sort of exposure to the pandemonium that is ‘hackgate’.

News of the World initially started the saga, but now the bigger beast [News Corporation] has been dragged into the spotlight – a light which certainly won’t be turning off anytime soon. Considering this, one has to question: can a brand and its name ever fully recover from negative publicity?

13 July 2011 - Translating a brand in annual reports

Annual reports are often seen as daunting projects even for seasoned professionals. So having to translate the company's brand attributes, into what is essentially a financial document targeted at investors and analysts can sometimes feel like a challenge. I've spent quite some time looking through a host of annual reports, from both UK household-names and top global players, reviewing the case for ‘do annual reports translate the company brand well’.

12 July 2011 - Photography series 1: Subjects in context

Great photography tells a story and like great literature it’s the context that brings the central character into focus.