16 June 2011 - To think that everything you do today. Tomorrow is obsolete…

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16 June 2011 - To think that everything you do today. Tomorrow is obsolete…

Whenever I hear the phrase ‘in the olden days’ it brings to mind a time long ago, when the world was thought to be flat or when the only car on the road was a model T-Ford that came in ‘any colour you want as long as it is black’. In digital technology terms that phrase could refer to ten years ago, or even ten months, so dramatic and constant are the changes to our industry and the world, as we know it. No matter how quickly things move, I still can’t get away from the fact that technology is merely a tool.

Having worked in graphic production for the last 20 years I would have to say that the introduction of desktop publishing software in the late 80s changed my life. Anyone who has ever had to run type around a circle using PMTs and a scalpel will know exactly what I mean. With the precision and versatility that new software provides, modern brands must have more control but the downside is the constant battle against upgrades. No one minds the amazing new features that make our lives even easier although few can be happy about being held to ransom over the price.

As a production company, the changes over the last ten years mean we are now able to create suites of complex graphic elements and templates in file format and programmes suitable for every type of print and screen reproduction. Even more exciting? We don’t have to post hundreds of CDs and printed guidelines all over the world we simply deliver them in a clear and efficient way via the web.

Do we have full control? I am not convinced we do. We must be careful not to get caught up in the techno-hype and instead embrace the technology best suited to our needs.

Dave West works at Studio 22 a graphic production and artwork agency based in London. The illustration for this article was produced by Steve Pearse.

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