14 March 2011 - What is in the package?

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14 March 2011 - What is in the package?

Our approach to any project is to provide a solution that will differentiate a business and give it an edge in the marketplace - including things such as packaging.

In a recent article by demilked.com, it was stated that ‘98% of us would definitely grab the shiniest product on a supermarket shelf, but not the [product] with the best characteristics…’ This emphasises the need to get the packaging right, as whilst many try to go by the old adage of ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’, invariably we do.

That’s perhaps why it is common for many firms to spend even more on the packaging than the product itself, as ‘almost any mediocre product packed in a fancy package could win against the best product in a lame package’.

Getting it right is therefore key, as the stark reality is it's ‘more expensive having a good product in a lame package (and not selling it) than spending money on a good packaging designer’.

So what’s our take on it? Well, we believe packaging is more than just a ‘container’ for a product. It can relate to anything which showcases your company and its brand – be it the presentation document for your annual report, to the corporate website, to the branding on your company vehicles. Essentially packaging is something which if executed effectively can skyrocket your organisation. 

Take a look at some innovative examples below:

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